Top 4 Best Street Artists (2016)

I’d like to start out by saying this is a personal opinion and everything in this article is based off of my favorites. This is still worth reading and is totally full of good information on street artists to discover.

Number 4: Aryz


A Spanish artist whose work is slowly being shown everywhere. I personally love his interviews and documentation on his youtube channel, and have since become a huge fan. His style is very unique using materials such as brushes, spray paint, and even rollers to create a gritty composition. One of my new favorites and I highly recommend checking him out.

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Number 3:Dabs and Myla


A boyfriend girlfriend art duo that specializes in humor, architecture, dark comedy and quirky pervertedness that makes them so unique. Two of the best collaboration artists of all time, these two really know how to put out amazing work. Very bold and bright colors are shown throughout their work in the studio and on the streets. They can produce countless works for shows, but also do quick burners in the same refreshing styles that I’ve personally fallen in love with.

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Number 2 : Shepard Fairey (OBEY)


If you are interested in Street art, Graffiti, Punk Rock, Design , and or Music this dude is someone totally worth checking out. He’s very respected in the art world and respected in the streets. Having a long record with the cops and countless vandalism charges, this man isn’t messing around. One of my favorites deserves to be on this list.

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Number 1 : Os Gemeos tumblr_nyd64zM4881uuhhcbo1_1280

Another art Duo from Brazil, Os Gemeos have created some of the most large scale murals ever seen in street art. The two brothers are personally I believe the most captivating street artists right now. They have collaborated with people from all over the world, most popular being Banksy which brought worldwide attention. There Hispanic influenced style is both bold and fascinates their audiences. Their work is a mix between beautiful art and social/political commentary. These bros totally deserve this number 1 spot and Im excited to see what new stuff they put out this year and years to come.

Find more here: Os Gemeos *warning, website is all in Spanish so goodluck